ABAP – create GOS attachment from file with 4 character extension (XLSX, DOCX, …)

I have been working recently on issue with creating GOS attachments from files with long extensions.
We were using a solution described here which doesn’t work for files with extension longer than 3 characters.
I didn’t find an exact solution on the internet, that’s why I am publishing it here. The class CL_GOS_API is quite new, so check if you have it on your system.

You need to amend the solution a bit if you’re working with text files instead of binary (check ls_attcont-content field)


  DATAlr_gos_api TYPE REF TO cl_gos_api,
         ls_object TYPE gos_s_obj,
         ls_attcont TYPE gos_s_attcont,
         lv_commit TYPE boolean,
         lv_file_content TYPE xstring.
   READ DATASET '~/test.xlsx' INTO lv_file_content.
   CLOSE DATASET '~/test.xlsx'.
   ls_object-instid = '01800000000' "pm order number
   ls_object-typeid = 'BUS2007' "pm order bussiness object
   ls_object-catid = 'BO'. "business object
       lr_gos_api cl_gos_api=>create_instanceis_object ls_object ).
       ls_attcont-atta_cat = cl_gos_api=>c_msg.
       ls_attcont-filename = 'test.xlsx'.
       ls_attcont-descr = 'test.xlsx'.
       ls_attcont-tech_type = 'XLSX'.
       ls_attcont-content_x = lv_file_content.
       ls_attcont-filesize xstrleniv_content_x ).
       ls_attcont-lang = sy-langu.
       lv_commit lr_gos_api->insert_al_item(
            is_attcont =   ls_attcont
            iv_roltype =  'ATTACHMENT' ).
       IF lv_commit = 'X'.
     CATCH cx_gos_api.  


DENON DN-SC2000 modified midi mapping

This mapping maps the filter knob of the Denon DN-SC2000 controller to the small pitch adjustment which allows fine tune of the pitch regardless of the main pitch range setting. Unzip it to Mixxx’s directory\midi and don’t forget to backup your original Denon DN-SC2000 settings. After setting the fx button to green, four knobs at the top control gain, low, mid, high equalizer, pressing them activates the kill EQ.

Download Denon-DN-SC2000_v2.00.zip